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Traffic & Parking Alert

Two organizers were downtown exactly one week prior to the March for Science Charleston. It's a beautiful, busy spring in Charleston, and the vehicle and pedestrian traffic is INTENSE. Please allow double the normal amount of time for all of your travel and parking downtown.

Meet at 1 PM at one of three locations:

Corner of Meeting and Broad Street in Charleston
Four Corners of Law
Marion Square, bounded by Calhoun St. Meeting St & King Street
Marion Square
375 Meeting Street
Visitor's Center

March together

  • Bring a water bottle
  • Consider wearing a nametag with your name, science interest, and zip code. (The zip code lets our legislators know we're their constituents)
  • Display a non-partisan, science-related sign.
  • Share your participation on social media with the hashtags #sciencemarch #marchforscience and #marchforscienceCHS.
  • Have fun and be patient!
Water Bottle Photo
Nametag Complete

Arrive at 2:00 PM

at Liberty Square near the SC Aquarium. Stay and meet scientists and science-lovers. Take your photo with our cardboard scientists! Build a puzzle and answer some quiz questions. About 3:30, we'll create a special message for our legislators.

Parking & Restrooms

Visitors Center Route

The Visitors center has a surface lot and a parking garage. The Visitors' Center has a restroom, but there are no public restrooms along the route.

Marion Square Route

Park in the garage on King Street 1/2 block north of Calhoun Street. There's a bathroom in the garage or at local businesses.There’s a bathroom on the route at Charleston County Library.

Four Corners of Law Route

There are two parking garages with restrooms.

The closer is at the corner of King Street and Queen Street. Walk south 1 street to broad and take a left for 1 block to get to the corner of Broad Street and Meeting Street for the march start.

The other garage is only 1/2 block farther - on Queen Street between Legare and King Streets. From this point, walk 1/2 block east to King Street, walk south 1 street to broad and take a left for 1 block to get to the corner of Broad Street and Meeting Street for the march start.

Along the route, there are two restrooms. 1) There’s a parking garage with a restroom off of East Bay between North Atlantic Wharf and West Atlantic Wharf. 2) There’s a garage with a bathroom at the corner of Cumberland Street and Concord Street.

Harris Teeter (At Hasell Street & East Bay Street) has a bathroom.

Arrival at Liberty Square

The garage near Liberty Square has a bathroom, as does the Maritime Center.



DASH Shuttle

After the march, you can take the DASH shuttle back to your original location. DASH Downtown Shuttle is free! Arrive 5 minutes prior to the departure time and signal the driver to stop for you. All CARTA vehicles are wheelchair accessible. Telecommunications Device for the Deaf for schedule info: 843-224-7190.

To the Visitors Center & Marion Square

Take the DASH shuttle (Aquarium/CofC Route 210) from at 16, 36, and 56 minutes after the hour. The shuttle arrives at the Visitor Center 10 minutes later and at Marion Square 13 minutes later.

To the Four Corners of Law

To return to the Four Corners of Law (Corner of Broad & Meeting), Take Shuttle 210 as described above, getting off the trolley at Visitor's Center. Catch the Meeting/King DASH (Route 211) south at 38 after the hour (and every 15 minutes after that), arriving at the Four Corners of Law 13 minutes later.