The March for Science – Charleston originated with Britney Quimby. An energetic and brilliant team pulled it all together. Bonnie Cleaveland, Steffi Green and Paige Mangan jumped in as co-organizers. Nolan Schillerstrom of Icarus Imagery provided the beautiful flyer of a woman. Crystal Rooskens drew the impressive Einstein we used for our round clings.

An amazing team of people jumped in and did what needed doing. Paul King headed up logistics. Tom Jhou managed our cardboard scientists and helped plan & organize. Micheline Mandel painted our wonderful signs. Laurie Skinner headed up our table at Earth Day 2017 and our advocacy table at the march. Jane Kelly and Shai White-Gilbertson were instrumental in communicating with scientists who would talk to media and answer questions at the Ask a Scientist table. Katy Roberts shot video. The Secular Humanists of the Lowcountry took in our donations.Michelle Lewis handled the financial aspects of the march. The Charleston County Democratic Party jumped in to handle march clean-up.

The Charleston City Paper and Holy City Sinner were the first media outlets to cover the march. Thank you to all the stores that let us put up flyers.

A huge list of other volunteers looked up information for our database, posted flyers, and helped get the word out about the March for Science. Thank you to everyone who pulled together to make the march a success. Here are some of the amazing volunteers:

Tom Amon

Samantha Ashley

Sarah Book

Ken Catchpole

James Corbett

Jack Hamilton

Jordan Hopkins

Bridget Ierace

Kathleen King

Russ Leckie

Chris Mangan

John McFaddin

Wes Pickell @

Josh Roller

Ben Sackler

Sara Stevenson

Stewart Weinberg

Joelle Zambrano